How it all started?


Hello coffee lovers. My name is Nakee Hanks. Born and raised in Alvin, TX, I come from a large happy family. I moved to California for work in 2002. I’ve always wanted to own a Beer Brewery. Yes, Beer! Who doesn’t love Beer? Every man’s dream- Beer, beautiful weather, sand between my toes, a gorgeous woman by my side and a daughter. I have most of that. Just not the brewery though. 


With everything that’s happening in this world right now, I still wanted to follow my passion. What was that going to be if it’s not beer right now? Coffee! Yes, I LOVE Coffee. I love waking up happy. I love drinking coffee. I appreciate the good things in life, and I want to pass on this HAPPINESS to all of you that purchase what I have to offer. When I do take a break from my day to day life, I am talking to roasters, brewers and distributors of coffee. A lot of effort goes into finding the right blend and beans. So, all and all, I love coffee. Did I mention that already?


What's so good about Coffee?


Well, to begin with, it’s the first thing people get to, once they are up and about in the morning. Did you know there are people who can’t start their day without drinking coffee? I call them coffee addicts and most coffee lovers call themselves that anyway. It’s the world’s 2nd largest traded commodity. Coffee is consumed in great quantities, making it the most beloved beverage after water. It’s worth is over $100 billion worldwide. Wow! Good coffee growing conditions require high altitudes, tropical climates, and rich soil. There’s only one state, Hawaii, which is able to grow coffee. It has been producing coffee even before it was a state. (Only recently, though, farms in California started growing coffee bushes!). Now that I’ve been able to provide some information to you thanks to Google, let’s move on to my Happy Hanks Coffee. 


I don’t cut corners when it comes to my brand. I don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of profit. The beans I get is 100% specially graded, quality checked and roasted fresh for your cup. 


I’m as laid back as I look so don’t feel shy to say hello or send in any recommendations you may have for me. I’m just a simple man trying to make a living the right way! Follow Happy Hanks Coffee on social media and stay tuned for more interesting flavors that I plan to bring your way. Do subscribe on my website and until our paths cross again- Stay Hanks Happy!