Covid Changed my Coffee......


Good day Happy Hanks folks! It’s the end of the year and this is my last blog! Such mixed feelings about saying that. 


This year rolled out to a fine start and then shifted gears only to lead us on a roller coaster ride. We’re all tired of hearing how this pandemic effected so many and how these trying times kept us on our feet, indoors! Aren’t we glad this is all coming to end, thanks to the much anticipated vaccine. 


2020 came in rattling, shaking, back breaking, nerve wrecking, bigger and bolder- just like some of the coffee I sell! Who knew I would be selling coffee in 2020? I for one didn’t think I would dive right into it amidst the Covid times. But I did and am so glad I did. I’m not going to focus on what could have or would have been this past year. Instead, I’m going to take this time to reflect on how much joy and love this business has brought to me. Something good sure did come out of something bad, and I for one am grateful- more so that my family and friends were spared from this Covid atrocity. I do pray for all the families that weren’t. 


I would like to thank you all my fellow coffee lovers, for believing in what I have to offer. I wouldn’t be in business had it not been for you allowing me to convince you, surprise you and sometimes overwhelm you with the coffee choices. Thank you for putting your coffee faith in me. 


I don’t know what 2021 has to offer but I know it will be a year filled with new challenges, new coffees, new ideas and more. I thank all of you who made your way to this year, intentionally or unintentionally and hope to continue to see you for the next 12 months (and counting) for that specialty coffee that I bring to you with true passion because my wish is to serve you only the best! Every single day I’m grateful for the opportunity to get you the roast you’d like, to make an impact and to live this dream. 


I wish you and your loved ones much joy and blessings this holiday season and hope the New Year brings you lots of countless possibilities and May your cup of coffee always runneth over. 


Stay Hanks Happy!