8 Happy Ways to Drink your Coffee!


8 Happy Ways to Drink your Coffee!



Looking for a way to make drinking coffee happier?

Jump start your day off the right way by having a happy cup of coffee, of your choice.

Coffee has been one the most uplifting drinks since the start of time and has been specifically crafted to give you that warm fuzzy feeling each morning. Each sip gives you the power, the energy and the happiness to take the day by the horns and make the most of every minute.

These 8 Happy ways to drink Coffee will make you happier and able to attract positivity into all areas of you day.



  1.  While making your first cup of the day, listen and watch the video “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. I swear this song/video is the happiest thing you’ll hear all day. This will make that 1st cup of coffee go down with ease. 
  2.   Always have a healthy Breakfast. A fresh cup of coffee wouldn’t be complete without a well-balanced meal. It will help avoid those unwanted mood swings, memory problems and cravings later in the day. This indeed will make you feel more energetic and happier.
  3. Drink water. Although, coffee is a stimulant that make you alert and happy, It’s also a dehydrator. Remember to drink enough water to stay hydrated and happy.
  4.  Reading some inspiring affirmations while sipping on that special happy coffee, will make you a happier person. Whether it’s a morning kick-start or a mid-day push, inspiring affirmations plus coffee will make you happier.
  5. Always have a bag of happy coffee beans. These are available at your favorite coffee spot or your favorite online coffee store. Places like Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee, Coffee Bean, Death Wish Coffee or Happy Hanks Coffee online store can provide these.
  6.  The Happy Mug! The happy mug can be referred to as the favorite cup. Everything normally tastes great in this mug. The moment of waking up in the morning and brewing that 1st cup of coffee to pour into your favorite mug, wow! The aroma of the coffee smells so good and tastes so fantastic in your favorite mug. This by far is the happiest moment of the day.
  7.  Drinking coffee with a loved one! The thought of waking up earlier, before the kids, to the smell of coffee and knowing that the person you love the most, has a pot of happy coffee brewing, sounds great.  You have their undivided attention and they have yours. What a great time to build rapport, intimacy and happiness.
  8. There is something special about being able to slow down. Having rituals that can't be rushed and that need t be savored. Making a coffee is one those. The greatest joy is when you slow down to craft something so special as coffee.Tasting that lovely smelling coffee will definitely put a smile on your face.